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Each mission starts with an interview with  the project leader: through a constructive dialogue we want to know more about you and your project.

Respecting the milestones provides a true  clarity of our approach and a real process transparency.

To outsource all your international development, or even part of it, is a great challenge.

It is also a wide spreading of your company’s reputation, your people’s  know-how  and of its DNA.

Thus it is essential to ensure the best quality of your future partnerships.

Globalisation involves standardisations. They are often useful but none of them replaces the cultural background and roots awareness on which each local behavour is made of.

Understanding these very fine background elements is a key point to develop strong and mutually profitable relations with your partners.

For LYBREA, respect, commitment and trust are key elements in our relation with our customers.

Professionnalism, rigour & method, open mind & multiculturalism, ethic & integrity are our values.

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For each mission:

A Non Disclosure Agreement

A diagnosis to understand  the customers needs and potential challenges

A clear proposal to be discussed and which will help to tune the mission,

A clear quotation  & action plan

A contract including the scope of work, the methodology,  the milstones and expected deliverables

An ethical approach :

Respect for the fundamental rights of all human being, fight against corruption, privacy of client  data and strong guardianship of confidential  material: LYBREA always promotes a strict  code of ethics during its missions and in all its  relations.

LYBREA respects  French and European laws  as well as all the laws of the countries where it  operates.

For LYBREA, protecting your data and your company, people & partners‘ reputation is our most important commitment.

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Open mind :

LYBREA understands various cultures and always keep an open mind through and a respectful approach.

This attitude is a real  LYBREA’s strenght and helps so much to enhance your strategy while respecting your brand

Our values

A rigorous approach

A multicultural vision

A strict code of ethics


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