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LYBREA head office is in Nantes, West of France, a city which is open to the world,  with a strong economy and a very dynamic technology ecossytem.

Startup and larger companies of Great West are very innovative and inspiring.

More than words, entrepreneurship is a reality giving rise to a sense of emulation.

LYBREA  Consulting has been created in 2015 to support companies in their international strategies, and benefits from a twenty years experience in business and international project  management.

Consultant and founder of LYBREA Consulting, Boubékeur Boukerma, has analysed the key factors to  ensure the success in international market operations:

- Strategic vision of the Board

- Clear objectives

- Shared values within the company

- Noest diagnosis of the company’s capability to widen its horizons

- Using key competencies

- Ensuring mobility and controlling key informations

- Awareness about markets expectations

- Capability  and reactivity  to adapt its solutions

- Handling networking and decision processes

-  Setting up efficient and long lasting partnerships

- Mixing technology and human experiences

-  Ensuring prompt feedback and continuous improvement

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LYBREA Consulting  -  R.C.S. NANTES 812338713  -   9, rue du petit chatelier  44300 Nantes  -

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